Wrap Up Session Form

(I like this final session to review and solidify what you got from our coaching experience. I also like to get a little bit of feedback from you to support my own continual improvement process. )

Instructions : I appreciate you for taking a few minutes to respond to the questions below.

1. What has been the best bit of the coaching for me? What is it that we have done in the coaching session that has surprised and/or delighted me?

2. What specifically have I achieved or am doing differently as a direct result of the coaching? (review goals here)

3. How is my work / life different as a result of the learnings I have made during the coaching period? What have I learned that I will carry forwards in work / life?

4. What’s next for me? What are some of the on-going developmental priorities for you after the coaching program? What are my top 3 goals and dreams in life right now? (personal and/or work)

5. What do you think are Samuel’s strength as a coach ?

6. If you were Samuel’s coach, what would you tell him so that he can be a more effective coach?

7. Is there anything else you need to say to feel complete?

I appreciate your confidence in me as your coach. I wish you the best in your future endeavors

Warmest Regards
Samuel Yeo