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Finding highly-valued but niche IT skills under stringent requirements

Armed with a few international projects on hand, the e-Business division of a world class consulting company (one of the big 5 consulting firms) was urgently in need of several senior / consultants with a very niche software skills. The technology was extremely new in the market and nearly un-heard of. In addition, the client was looking for someone who could travel extensively and willing to be based in Switzerland, Taiwan and Hong Kong for at least 2 to 3 months.

Beacon agreed to work with this client to work on these “difficult-to-fill” positions. Going beyond our database search, we went through personal, confidential contacts with technical leaders and expert referrals in the e-Business market. Within a short span of 2 weeks, we successfully identified 3 candidates with the exact skills, experiences and their willingness/ability to travel extensively. We arranged for them to fly down for interviews with our client in a nearby country. All the 3 candidates were hired and the projects could kick off the following month. Our client was very pleased and continued to engage us with filling up more challenging positions.


e-Business Principal Software Vendor

e-Business Principal Software Vendor

Helping a start-up division to form the key team

A US-based multinational enterprise server vendor started an alliance with a major internet vendor to develop a suite of standards-based software, architecture, platform, and expertise for building and deploying Services-on-Demand.

The startup company needed some very technical and competent Java architects and developers to “beef-up” their professional services division in South Asia. The new company already clinched several e-Business related projects and timing was very critical. The consultants, whom they were looking for were seemingly very difficult to find, given that Java in the early 1990s was still a very new technology.

With our wealth of experience and contacts in the Information Technology (IT) industry, It was un daunting for Beacon. Within 2 weeks, we identified and attracted 6 excellent candidates in e-Business and Java. The Practice Director, Asia Pacific flew from the US and interviewed all 6 candidates, three of them were hired almost immediately.

The client was very impressed with candidates as their skills were comparable to the consultants in the US. Subsequently, we also constantly provide industry and market perspective for this startup client in their business strategy and manpower needs.

The success with this client did not just stop there. Beacon continued to assist to place some major key positions, which include Regional Practice Manager, Country Sales Director, Pre-sales Manager, Pre-sales Architects within the organisation.

“Everyone has the power for greatness, not for fame but for greatness, because greatness is determined by service”

– Martin Luther King Jr.