Our Coaching Testimonials

Providing high quality coaching with positive and deep impact is never easy. Our credentials and satisfied clients speak it all.

“I highly recommend Samuel as an executive coach. His unique ability to recognize and explain complex business relationships has revolutionized my thinking. It changes the way I used to think and act.

As I worked with him, there had been surprising (and sometimes painful) personal discoveries. Samuel’s coaching continues to make me a better person every day, both at work and at home. Samuel will not hesitate to point out with tact, areas that needed to be considered in a different manner. He is sharp with his observations, and offers different perspectives and suggestions.

With my newly-honed skills, I can adjust my actions and modify my behaviors for increasingly positive results both at work and at home. These indispensable lessons will serve me well as I continue to climb the leadership ladder.”

Dr Jagdeep Singh Jassel Dean of Faulty of Business, INTI International University
Dr Jagdeep Singh Jassel

“I started my coaching session with Sam in January 2015, which was a good time to kickstart the new year. I started off with a mindset to learn and I wished for a breakthrough in my career. I wanted to enhance my leadership qualities in the organization. Sam helped me to think through things and counter measures which must be taken, in order to get the results I desired. He is sensitive and helpful. He helped me to see a different perspective of life at work and also at home. I am more relaxed these days and manage my tasks better. The process came easy to me because of the quality of our work relationship and our ability to be open towards one another. After the session I realized that the patterns of my old behaviour was affecting both my professional and personal life. I used to be in a hurry most times, became disconnected and was too driven to be the person whom I didn’t recognize at all.

Samuel showed me things that I never get to see previously. Working with Sam has been a life-changing experience. In my coaching journey, I made discoveries about myself which helped me to be aware of where I am, where I really want to go and most importantly what I need to do to get there. Once the way is clear, his coaching proved to be gentle but effective.

In just 6 weeks of coaching, Sam has changed my life and I couldn’t thank him enough.”

Jessica Lam Director of Sales, INTI International University & Colleges
Jessica Lam

“Mr Tang and I engaged Samuel for 360 Assessment & coaching program in 2015.

Mr. Tang was impressed with the program, as it helped him to discover areas of weakness and areas for improvement in the workplace. He was conscious of his weakness in the past but was thinking little of it. Some was his “blind spots”. He was glad to discover them via 360 degree feedback and able to set tangible target to improve. As part of company training programs, Beacon helped to enhance the soft skills required in our workplace. In addition, Mr. Tang also took some additional step to have individualized coaching program with Samuel. He found this essential for his career development.

We find coaching program is more effective than typical training programs. Typical training program is usually one-off activity and it is not easy to justify and measure if it has accomplished its purpose. Whereas a coaching program consists of multiple sessions which enables the individual to put his newly acquired skills into practice over a measured period of time. The coach is then able to review the progress and adjust the program accordingly.

As for my coaching, Samuel provided insight to different behaviours of my team members. The feedbacks gathered was very helpful and it assisted me to better understand my team’s concerns and to anticipate their response accordingly. It helps save time and effort in my daily operations.

I will definitely enrol many more of my team leads to the Coaching program in 2016.”

Yang Suk Ling End User Support for Asia | Global Infrastructure Services, Manulife
Yang Suk Ling

I enjoyed having someone who is independent from the organization to bounce ideas, especially on highlighting my blind spots. Since Samuel is an external coach, I can trust that his view is not saddled with historical baggage or personal agenda.

By addressing my blind spots with my coach, it allows me to take steps to make necessary improvements at work. Essentially, at the end of coaching programme, I have more time to focus on more strategic matters as well as on things that matters most to the company.

Tan Shao Yen CEO of a Consulting company
Tan Shao Yen

“Samuel has been a personal coach for 6 month now. He understands the corporate environment fully and is aware of the hectic work styles of senior business executives. He works with me and helps me to be more productive in my daily stressful schedule. Simple ideas work wonders!

Samuel’s coaching style is best described with 3 “i”s – implementable, insightful and individual-focused. During the past 6 months, he has helped me to gain insights about myself and my blind spots which I was not able to see previously. The ancient sage Lao Tzu once said “knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment”.”

Kor Bing Keong Partner of an International Professional Services firm
Kor Bing Keong

“Samuel has been my coach for 4 months. As my coach, he makes me feel comfortable and safe to open up and this allows me to speak frankly to him about the real issues. His flexible approach facilitates him to design an individualized coaching strategy for me. This has helped me to discover certain useful aspects and provided insights about myself which would not have cross my mind. In a nutshell, the coaching sessions have provided me with a clearer direction of what I want to achieve in my career and more broadly in life. A targeted well-defined goal in life enables me to stay motivated, remain focused and continue to direct my energy into work. Most importantly, Samuel has the ability and genuine desire to help others make a difference. I am one who truly benefitted from his experience and coaching.”

Hudson Teh Senior Finance Manager, VWO Organization
Hudson Teh

“Samuel is Assertive, Patient and Approachable. Under his coaching, I am proud to have become more open-minded towards opinions and suggestions made by others. I am now more willing to try something new, and more creative in problem solving at work. I have benefited a lot from Samuel’s coaching and it can’t be measured monetarily. “

Chan Kait Loon Associate Professor, INTI International University & Colleges
Chan Kait Loon

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”

– Mahathma Gandhi