Pre-call Preparation Form

(To get the most out of your coming coaching call by reflecting and specifying your agenda)

Instructions : Please complete the Pre-call Preparation Form 1 to 3 days before (but at least 24 hrs prior to) our next face to face coaching conversation.

MOOD: How am I doing/feeling today? This week? (your mood is a good indicator of where you are, at this point in time, in your life/business/career )

PROGRESS: What have I done since our last conversation? (e.g. progress /updates on actions or practices to which I committed)

AWARENESS: What other learning has occurred for me since our last conversation? (please share your: breakthroughs, “breakdowns” (positive or negative), insights, what you are grateful for, what efforts you want to be acknowledged for, what you have noticed or observed)

INCOMPLETIONS: What commitments did I not complete that I intended or promised to complete? (E.g. practices, conversations, observation, etc. What is the status of those commitments? And are they still relevant?)

REFLECTION: What recent or upcoming experiences, incidents, or issues would it be helpful for me to process? (e.g. What am I troubled by? What am I avoiding doing? What am I resisting? What question am I ready to go deeper on? What is churning or unsettled for me? )

AGENDA: What I want to focus on or get out of this coming conversation is: