Mid Career Coaching


We have been helping individuals who are going through their mid-career transition to find their career directions & increase their confidence and success in their transitions.


Case Study :

Recently, we completed a study on our career coaching clients looking at their coaching goals (at the start of their coaching program) and their feedbacks and reviews (at the end of the coaching program). The data was gathered over a period of 4 years from 2013 – 2017.


Results :

In our career coaching work with Executives who are in the late 30’s to 50’s, we found that 65% to 83% of them set determining their career directions and discovering more about themselves as their primary coaching goals.

We also discovered that about 50% of our clients met all their coaching goals for those who had coaching support for 3 months. While more than 90% of our clients met all their coaching goals for those who had coaching support for 6 months or more.

Together with these clients, we are able to help them to get clarity on their career directions /paths and discover their core values, strengths, talents, skills, and passions.

Some of the other benefits that my clients experienced at the end of coaching programs include :

    • Reduced stress and anxiety
    • Greater clarity of what are really important for them at this point in their life
    • Increase in confidence and energy in their career transition
    • More job interviews
    • Increase in understanding of how to engage and network with HR recruiters and headhunters
  • How to market themselves better to potential employers or recruiters


Samuel, the Managing Director and Founder of BEACON, is a certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach, NewField coach and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with International Coach Federation (ICF).

He believes in the human potential to be the best that one can be and is determined to help people live their lives courageously and passionately.


What is your biggest challenge with career right now ?

Maybe you find that you lack motivation, or you are bored, not being challenged at work. Perhaps you have other nagging worries like job insecurity, or you worry that you made the wrong career choice. And you are afraid to try something new because of the economy situation.

There are several options that you can get help – find a mentor who has gone through these struggles, talk to a counsellor regarding your fears and anxieties, or find a coach that will support you to overcome these challenges and help to maximise your potentials.