10 Important questions to ask before making a career change

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Career transitions can be difficult. It’s not easy changing jobs, being relocated or jumping into something new. It’s especially true when you are making these career changes in the 40’s or 50’s as there are opportunity costs associated with change.

Here are 10 important questions to ask before you make a career change :

1. What is it about my current career that isn’t working?

2. What are my transferable skills?

3. What are my passions?

4. Am I will to start all over if the change is in a new role, or with a different industry?

5. How does this new career align with my core values?

6. What new skills, training or certifications do I need?

7. Who do I know who is already in this career and can give me an honest “insider’s” perspective?

8. Will I get family or loved ones’ support for this new career transition?

9. How long will it take to make a comfortable living in this new career?

10. Do I have the financial resources to make this new transition work? If not, how can I get what I need to feel secure? What are the interim solutions or options can I consider while preparing the switch?