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Head of Energy, AP – Commodity

  •   Purchasing & Procurement
  •   Singapore
  •   $180k – $240k yearly

Job Description:

Purpose of the position
  • This role has the responsibility of Heading Energy management/procurement across three Regional Business Units (RBU)
  • Reporting to Global Head of Energy, he will manage supply of energy for Asia with six regional energy managers plus informal dotted line reports through Energy Network.
  • Ensure all energy supply arrangements are fully optimised at plant level, and with Business Development ensuring terms of supply are fully understood and factored into commercial arrangements with customers.
  • Manage and develop all key relationships with energy providers and energy policy makers across Asia.
  • Responsible for developing an Energy & Feedstock Procurement strategy which delivers against the objectives set for the regions.


Principal responsibilities


  • Lead and implement Energy management strategy and initiatives for each RBUs (REA, RSE, and RSP) under Energy Asia portfolio
  • Strategize respective RBUs Energy and Feedstock road map in accordance to respective market reform, market structure (deregulation, semi-regulation, monopoly), regulation, and domestic characteristics
  • Selectively allocate resources to respective RBUs for Energy Feedstock input to both GBU Tonnage and RBU projects
  • Seeking out opportunities based on current trends and develop these into structured deals that are unique to Company
  • Ensure the business units have all the necessary skills, tools and processes to implement strategies, develop and support as necessary to build local capabilities


Compliance and Risks Management

  • Reviewing, setting up and managing all major energy supply contracts/arrangements in the three RBUs.
  • Conduct risks management between feedstock supply agreements and Company Commercial Obligations to customers; be it electricity or Natural Gas, factoring in plant size, plant constraints, regulation, and the respective energy markets into account.
  • Monitor RBUs energy procurement is consistent and compliance with the prescribed Company Portfolio Management Policy (Risk Policy)
  • Oversees Load curtailment and hot tariffs implementation in RSP and making sure working with Remote Operating Centre yield maximum benefits to the RBU
  • Ensuring best practice in all energy matters, working closely with Global Energy team and with peers in other parts of RBU


People, Internal and External Relationships

  • Train and develop Regional Energy Managers ensuring that Energy competency and calibre is up to mark
  • Establishing close relationships with all major energy suppliers, and setting up a process to pro-actively manage them
  • Selectively developed the relationships needed to get Company (in country) to the table and partake in policy discussions with Government Authorities and Market Regulators; this may include lobbying regulatory authorities, aggregating big industrial users to voice buyers’ needs etc.
  • Managing regulatory and lobbying activities at both local and national levels, directing consultant and legal activities and providing in-house advice and expertise to  businesses on electric utility and regulatory matters
  • Work through RBU Energy managers to explore Improving reliability and quality of supply of existing plants through ROCs in the region with Operation



  • Involve in final stages of negotiating energy supply deals with electric utilities/power marketers/generators, ensuring that Company gets excellent tariffs and terms of supply
  • Work with in house prescribed Procurement Policy ie., Legal Services, RBU Leadership, and Global Procurement on Long Term Energy Supply Agreements
  • Work with GAP team and ensure all energy savings are exploited and capture P&L for respective RBUs.
  • Work with Business to ensure that energy supply arrangements are reflected in gas supply contracts to protect Company’s interests
  • Work very closely with Operation Directors in Asia to exploit tariff opportunities and improve the efficiency of energy consumption; ie., RSP
  • Participate in major RBU capital equipment purchases, plant upgrades, and any asset related decisions that have an energy implication (at a later stage)


Market Analysis

  •  Provide input extensively on supply market analysis in selected countries where RBU/GBU/Electronic/BA does business, or is considering doing business
  • Evaluate emerging internet based energy management and billing technologies
  • Monitor developments in other regions and represent Asia in Group energy programmes



Key interfaces
  • Work with RBU Heads in Asia Pacific to define RBU’s Energy priority
  • Work with Business Heads in the RBU ensuring Terms and Conditions in Energy Feedstock be it power/NG/steam/LPG are factored/input to our On Site Supply Agreement with New contracts
  • Work with Operation/Project Execution on ensuring proper Plant Operation and various tariffs are optimize
  • Working closely with the Regional Energy Managers (ROM) and Regional Energy Contact Partners to ensure effective delegation of authority and implementation within the regions.
  • As a member of the Core Procurement Team, cross-functional interface with other Global Commodity Managers to ensure Best Procurement practice and development of appropriate systems, tools and processes.


Job Requirements or Pre-requisites   :

Required critical behaviours
  • Leadership competence – especially with a team geographically distributed across Asia Pacific
  • Inspiring others to a common purpose by being a model of the company’s values
  • Provides his/her employees with clear areas of responsibility and authority
  • Strategic competence: Develops long term strategies with regard to performance and development, derives high level plans and actions from strategies
  • Active engagement with business
  • Business competence: Looking for opportunities to improve business operations and identifies innovative opportunities for cost savings or increasing revenue or profit
  • Interpersonal competence


Required key skills (functional/technical)
  • Commercial Awareness – Awareness about interdependencies between production/markets in process industry and its commercial interdependencies with energy and feedstock procurement
  • Technical understanding – Whilst detailed technical knowledge is not required, a basic level of technical understanding of processes used in the technical gas industry would be useful.
  • Hands-on involvement in very major energy procurement projects
  • Change Management – Ability to sponsor change throughout the organisation
  • Communication Skills – Able to use facilitation, management, presentation and communication techniques effectively across all levels of business
  • Quality & Safety – Sponsorship of quality, safety and environmental initiatives
  • Project Management – Able to program manage at strategic level
  • People & Team Management
  • Language skills: Fluent in English
  • Willingness to travel globally as required


Required qualifications/experience
  • 10 years with similar energy intensive company, consultant, power marketer or electric / natural gas utility
  • Intimate knowledge of the electric and natural gas utility industry, state and federal restructuring activities, cogeneration, market pricing and risk management
  • Experience with energy trade organizations and state and federal regulatory agencies on electric issues and allied matters is desirable
  • Degree in Engineering, Finance, Business or Economics
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Exceptional negotiating skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Seasoned, culturally aware, confident traveller
  • Asian and Chinese language skills would be helpful


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Purchasing & Procurement

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